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Will you use a photo or logo in your ad? Tips
A good visual really helps your ad get more attention and can communicate important information.

Your visual will usually display as a small square inset into your text or a larger one above your headline. This spot is really designed for a logo, but a clean, simple photo will look great, too!

A square or mild rectangle shape will work best. Crop photos tightly to make sure the important information can be seen. Avoid using a strong horizontal or vertical shape because it will look too small.

You can use a JPEG, JPG, GIF or PNG format for photos. Logos can also be a PDF format. Almost any size will be fine but there is a 20mb limit.

You don't have to upload an image if you don't have one! Having a logo or photo with your ad usually gets more attention, but if you don't have one or you don't want to use one, you can opt for a longer headline instead.
Click here to upload a photo
JPEG, GIF, or PNG files only. Maximum file size 20M
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JPEG, GIF, or PNG files only. Maximum file size 20M
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Write the ad's text Tips
Remember, you don't have to tell your whole story here, you just have to get someone to click on your ad to see more!

This is your key selling message. Try to write text that will convince someone they want to see more.

Make your text about the reader, not your company.

Some words that are common in successful sales messages are you, your, how, new, who, money, people, want, free, suddenly, now, announcing, introducing, amazing, remarkable, starting, miracle, magic, offer, quick, easy, wanted, challenge, compare, bargain and hurry.

Don't waste space putting your web address in your text. Your ad or popup page will link to your web site. Use this space to sell!

No need for phone numbers or a street address, either! Save those for your web site or popup. Some ads will also appear on pages with maps of all the ads, so an address in your text is not good use of space.

The sample ad shown here is just that. Your ad might be deployed in a variety of formats or sizes, so don't get too hung up on how each line breaks.

Avoid running words together like this "word/word/word" because they might not break properly. Just use simple, casual language and a space between each word and your ad will look great!

You can come back and change your headline, text or images at any time!
Ad sample
This preview is just a sample. Your ad may be used in different shapes or sizes.
Provide an address / contact information for mapping Tips
In some layouts, your ad could appear on a page with a map. Some popup formats also include a map. So it's a good idea to include an address here.

Mapping software doesn't recognize post office boxes, suite numbers, apartment numbers or building names. Please provide a complete street address.

This address also will appear as your billing address, but you can change or modify it later.

If you run your business out of your house or your business is not local, you might want to skip a map. Just check the box below that says that you don't want your business mapped.
Street address
No P.O. Boxes or suite or room numbers
Explain this
Most businesses should supply an address. In some layouts, ads appear with maps and ads without an address won't be included on the map. But if you run your business out of your house or your business is not local, you might want to skip the map.
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